Beaches /// Strange Souvenirs

Strange Souvenirs collect and compile audio input and inspiration on their travels through the vast world of music. They then turn that gathering into something unique and special.

“Beaches” has an indie, new wave rock element to it that feels like you’re on the beach during sunset. It’s easy going with the song’s timbre influenced by the phased electric guitar tones. The lead vocals are front and center as the drums perform gently underneath. You’d think they derive from Southern California, but the German band is able to portray the same geographic connotation associated with the genre.

The mid, baritone lead vocals almost feel conversational as you can just relax to the light grooved instrumental. The panned guitars feel hypnotic, which puts you in the unwinding trance that feels like an anthem for the end of the day. An interesting element about the song is that while it talks about the sea, the drinks, and observations around, the lyrical outro repeats the idea of leaving the very town it’s talking about.

Perhaps it’s an honest take on the impermanent nature of a vacation. One of my favorite lyrics is “Got a sunburn to prove I was here.” There’s a light tone within the lyrics, yet it’s a subtle seriousness to what it’s meditating on. One moment we can enjoy what’s around us but then we want to pack our bags. If “Beaches” has a strongest quality it’s the ability for the instrumental and the vocals to both feel tonally married to each other. 

We look forward to what’s next from “Strange Souvenirs” as they continue their artistic project.

Written by Jon Kagan





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