Winter Romance /// Midnight Run

There is a seminal work in “Winter Romance” that becomes something akin to Big Star or a slew of nostalgic 60’s bands with Midnight Run being the jutting surface of oscillating crimson.

In quick heavy successions a hammer of drums eggs on and the narrowing, hypnotic storytelling of Midnight Run weaves a thread of gossamer the length of a labyrinth, caves and tunnels leading to hilly abandon.

Willingly we may see a room strewn with posters of bands, and movie stars telecasted onto the walls of teenage years and perhaps moving through the years we have the relics of monolithic domain still very much surrounding us. Lyrics to “Winter Romance,” “and I don’t know you and you don’t know me,” are a word puzzle and a froth of meditative musings.

Midnight Run’s wiry yet diaphanous sounds overwhelm the ears and with an undulating and slow cawing that ends in an almost abrupt wane leaving the desire for more pronouncements and wanderings. A scattering and deluge of husky voices brings a modest trailing of brute grace and deals out the ken of our hands in astronomical moments such as romance and kismet.     

“I remember the lights alive in her eyes that night,” undeniably Midnight Run is poetic. The guitar work is ornate and there is a sense of aliveness in the recording. Winding in bends after tumultuous bend there is a gathering of presumptions that ask us to unearth secret letters from the womb of purgatory and read them aloud to our lovers to whom we’ve wrote postscripts, and how mentioning the world passing before our eyes would be like watching an elevator ascend with the most fatal people one knows. 

Written by Hari Palacio




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