I’m The One /// Phonix

The release of Phonix’ track, “I’m The One”, took place on January 14th of 2022. Mike Nicholson, the man behind Phonix, has been able to provide an endless amount of time and effort that he had on his hands when it comes to putting out music and having a fantastic singing voice.

“I’m The One” is a track that has been able to provide the meaning of wanting something you’re longing for. With a rockin’ tune that is able to set the track straight to the point along with instrumentation that is making the track all-things catchy, it has been able to provide a meaning that audiences can love with each and every single word sung.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Phonix has been able to provide strong and relatable emotions that can make the audience relate to what it has been like to reach for the stars as they reach for what is bound to be caught. According to sinusoidalmusic.com, it explains how, in the track, “he talks about confidence and how that could be the solution to finally set him free.”

The melodies are not the only noteworthy aspect of “I’m The One.” The melody was well-shaped and catchy. Phonix has a rich and warm vocal tone as he puts real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are expressive and meaningful with some clever phrases. The instrument(s) provided within the track give off a wonderful vibe, making the track melodious and tuneful. Overall, the track is melodic and original, and I think it has the heart to potentially reach those who can relate to being confident and finding a solution.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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