Important /// The NGHBRS

The release of The NGHBRS’ track, “Important”, took place on January 14th of 2022. The man behind The NGHBRS, Ryan Venezia, was able to perform the vocals behind this wonderful tune.

“Important” is a track that enhances the importance of falling in love, though being important might not have been on that other person’s mind. While being important might have been a factor, it might not have been as much of a factor to that other person as he thought it might be.

Based in Los Angeles, California, though born and raised in New York City, The NGHBRS was able to provide feelings that one can possibly relate to when it comes to the importance of being in love and being important to another person. Even though it might not look like the other person finds that one particular person as important as that person might turn out to be, The NGHBRS did not fail to make that feeling come to life within the track.

The melodies were not the only noteworthy aspect of “Important.” The melody was melodic and original. The NGHBRS has a warm vocal tone as he puts real feelings into the lyrics that can leave a relatable mark within the words themselves. The lyrics are deep and thought-provoking with some meaningful phrases. The instrument(s) that represented the track provided a nice, soft sound as well to make the track stand out. Overall, this track is tuneful and strong, and I think it has the potential to reach audiences that could relate on a much deeper level.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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