Typically, the metaphorical rainy day is when life pours down adversity. Naturally, there are scattered sprinkles of distress. But, every now and again, there is a monsoon. However, can you still be present if you are constantly anticipating a flood? Sunburn, an indie rock band hailing from Dublin, Ireland, are hyper vigilant on their latest single, “Rainy Day.”

Showcasing an acute awareness of a relationship in flux, this tune is honed in on everything down to the smallest detail. Lead singer Zak Coghlan plays the role of a partner evaluating his standing. Stuck in a place of “feeling unavailable,” this distant feeling is met with some “pretty little eye rolls.” From the get go, these subtle expressions move this relationship towards demolition.

While this deconstruction is underway, this tune is powered by a free flowing, power pop melody. Moving swiftly enough, it is a deterrent from being bogged down with the tumult at hand. It avoids diving into the dour, deep end, but it isn’t happy go lucky either. All of which fits the precarious undercurrent at work.

With a hint of exasperation, Coghlan laments on. He’s tired of his surroundings and his own “ways.” All the while, his partner is preoccupied with “waiting on a rainy day.” No one is happy with their situation, but Coghlan’s other half is prepared to bail at a moment’s notice. Eventually, his counterpart pulls the ripcord on their relationship, finding a “smooth fella” to share the “umbrella” they’ve been “saving for a rainy day.” 

In the end, Coghlan asks “when did you get so rainy day?” In this case, a rainy day is a state of mind that anticipates a flood of adversity. However, “Rainy Day” does not cast a pall of dread. Instead, it is vulnerable without any melodrama attached.


Written by Travis Boyer





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