Sunset on the BLVD /// V-Train

The beginning of the week is a great time to get things in order. Monday’s can be dragging, but they’re also a great opportunity to plan, set goals and evaluate what the week to come looks like. What’s the first track that you might put on in the morning to set an amazing tone for the rest of your week? We’ll answer that question for you; it must be a lofi track! Lofi tracks encompass everything that we need to get encouraged and plan the rest of our weeks. One lofi track that we’re in love with must be V-Train’s ‘Sunset on the BLVD.’

V-Train combines the use of the piano, synth, guitar, bass and percussion to create beautiful pieces that provide a calming, positive vibe for listeners. Their main inspirations stem from those in the hip-hop/lofi/chill music scene, which we can see impeccably showcased throughout their pieces of work, especially on ‘Sunset on the BLVD.’

Offering a super soft, inviting listening experience, ‘Sunset on the BLVD’ immediately made us want to set goals and get our lives into order. There’s something about a lofi track that just really encourages us to plan and prep for the future, maybe because these types of tracks are typically showcased in vlogs on YouTube, which is exactly where we can see this track being platformed.

Picture this; your favorite YouTuber sets out on the beach to vlog their beautiful experience of watching a sunset with their best friends. That’s exactly what this track makes us think of! Inspired directly from the sunset and the feelings that it can evoke, the track produces the calming and positive vibes that we all feel glancing at the sunset after a long, hard day.

Sunset on the BLVD’ allows us to truly sit back and acknowledge everything that we’re grateful for and what we want to accomplish in the future, while allowing us to relax and chill out at the end of a long day. Regarding their work, V-Train states, “Whatever the mood is, my music will be able to express that without words.” This is exactly how we feel about ‘Sunset on the BLVD.’

Written by McKinley Franklin







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