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Atom Bomb /// Gabriel Ryan

It can be extremely difficult to let certain people go in our lives. We may have imagined a long-term life with this person, and never thought that the day would come where they wouldn’t be apart of our daily lives anymore. These experiences can rise excruciating pain, making us feel confused and unsure about what comes next. Tackling the topic of missing someone and not knowing where to turn next, Gabriel Ryan’s new track, “Atom Bomb,” captures all of these emotions and more.

Gabriel Ryan is a Philadelphia-based music producer currently studying music industry at Drexel University. His music takes inspiration from artists like Jack Johnson, John Mayer and JP Saxe. Embarking on a school project one day, one of his professors who happens to be a professional EDM producer urged him to transform the project into a fully-fledged song. This was when “Atom Bomb” was born.

What began as a school project, “Atom Bomb” has taken us by storm. Gabriel makes sure to note that the track takes inspiration from The Weeknd, through the vibes and overall meaning of the song. Attacking the emotional heartache than comes with love, “Atom Bomb” makes us evaluate the relationships we’ve endured.

The track showcases an apparent R&B mixed with alternative essence. While discussing the despair that comes with difficult love, Gabriel ponders on the value of continuing on with such a toxic relationship. He speaks about being broken down by this love, how even though they treat him terribly, he can’t seem to get this person off of his mind.

Gabriel cries out, “I’m broken, like an atom bomb, girl you tear me up, broken, don’t know how to stop…”

Even though some relationships cause extreme levels of sorrow and despair, it’s awfully hard to let go of someone that we love. Moving on and taking that step forward into a different direction than what we had plan can be sorrowful, and Gabriel captures this impeccably through “Atom Bomb.”

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