Lightning /// Gemini Chris

Going out and having a good time with friends can be one of the most enjoyable experiences to have. Surrounding ourselves with good vibes, wonderful friends and out-of-this-world music can make for unforgettable experiences. We all have that one song that we turn on immediately to cultivate these unbeatable vibes, and for us, it has to be Gemini Chris’ “Lightning.”

Consisting of everything that we rave about in terms of electrifying tracks, “Lightning,” showcases a blend of upbeat, dance-inspired genres. Mixing together deep house and melodic techno influences, the track is elevated with a Caribbean twist of the vocals on the track. The soft, beautiful vocals create an uplifting spirit that inspire us to live in the given moment.

All about letting go and having fun, “Lightning” encourages us to live in the moment, to ultimately live our best lives. Taking after the title of the name, throughout the track, Gemini Chris talks about feeding off of the energy around us. Energy is everything, and picking up on good vibes can transcend a night.

Lightning” cultivates a good-time feeling from beginning to end. The track raves, “I love the music, let’s turn it up, I wanna party, let’s get some drinks, time to get naughty, don’t feel regret…”

Through the mid-way point of the track, the melody slows down, allowing for some breathing time before the rest of the track soars off! There’s a huge building period leading to the ultimate breakdown of upbeat, dance music. We’re in love with this house/techno track, “Lightning” by Gemini Chris, and you will be too.

Written by McKinley Franklin





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