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Tree Of Life /// Matyascorvinus

Our world has been enduring a rough patch now for quite some time. With the prevalence of the ongoing pandemic and war erupting in Europe, these conflicts are enough to impact everyone on astronomical levels. Going through life, we’re met with varying struggles, and we often turn to music to lessen these stressors. Through Matyascorvinus’ hit track “Tree Of Life,” we’re able to observe this on an all new level.

Matyascorvinus creates a beautiful, captivating instrumental masterpiece on “Tree Of Life.” The meaning of the tree of life symbolizes differing things to differing individuals, mainly revolving around personal growth, strength, and beauty. Matyascorvinus looks upon trees as a representation of life in general. With war erupting in Europe, Matyascorvinus explains how the war has emphasized the true meaning of life and what living truly entails.

The track was created to recognize those going through these difficult experiences, those who don’t know what the next day might bring. Above all, that is the true feel of life; we never know what’s going to happen next. “Tree Of Life” depicts this seamlessly, with builds and breaks throughout the track that symbolizes the ups and downs that come with life.

The beginning of the track showcases a soft, indie aura that shifts and transforms throughout the piece. “Tree Of Life” showcases periods of relaxation, moments in time to allow for rest and meditation. As the track continues on, it shifts into a deeper and pronounced spirit. The natural melody on the track invites listeners to seek more, to understand where this story is going to head next.

All in all, “Tree Of Life” transfers us to new heights allowing for true reflection about the world we now live in.

Written by McKinley Franklin






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