It’s often in life we find ourselves stumped by that one person that we call “the one that got away.” They’re someone that we truly love and care about, but they just seemed to slip through our fingers somehow. What if there was a chance to get this this person back? What if we could rewind time and make things better… news flash; we can’t. But what we can do, is try to get them back while we can. This theme is evident throughout Liedah’s hit track, “Lose My Mind.”

Coming to us from the heart of Bergen, Norway, Liedah is an artist specializing in the genres of electronica, funk, R&B and soul. Her music seems to always have an uplifting aura, with boosting her audience’s mental and physical self at the forefront of her mission. Creating a beautiful, high-spirited aura throughout her music, the hit “Lose My Mind,” too, builds all of these elements and more.

Presumably speaking out to a lover throughout the track, Liedah reminisces on a past relationship and how she wants this person back. With tech influences throughout the pop-infused track, we’re met with lively melodies and lyrics that many of us can relate to. A breakdown towards the end of the track gives us some space from the pop influences, like how Liedah references giving her lover “space” through the lyrics of “Lose My Mind.”

Liedah knows that if given a second chance, she wouldn’t let things turn south this time around. She sings out, “I am gonna lose my mind if you say no, if you don’t want anything to do with me…

Looking for another shot at love, “Lose My Mind” is an anthemic track engulfed with real, deep emotion. The combination of her inspirational vibes and determination to get what’s hers has us in love with Liedah and her work.

Written by McKinley Franklin


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