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For years, dream pop has been able to give off dream-like qualities, bringing an ambiance of how music can continue to be as exciting as it has been for a long time. On the other hand, there are still musical artists out there who continue to bring out the best of dream pop, continuing to make the genre rather dreamy and unique all in one. This goes for artists like Tabi Kate. Her release, “Sour”, is a track that is able to bring out lyrical content through the use of synths and guitars that sounds like music to someone’s ears. 

The Brighton-based singer delivers a relaxed and chill piece with “Sour.” With a sound that represents dream pop like no other, it gives you a sense of feeling, a sense of what the genre is able to bring to all audiences. 

The playing of each instrument represented in the track matches well with how the track is able to pair beautifully with having one sharing their feelings through lyrics rather than having that person be at a loss of words. This track can also represent one going through a very bad spot in life without being able to give too much information away and being uncomfortable in the process if one is not okay with talking about it too much.

Again, “Sour” is a track from Tabi Kate that was released earlier in 2022, and it was able to come after tracks like “Closer” and “No More.” Those wanting to listen to an ambiance of how music still continues to bring people closer together should check out Tabi Kate because this track alone represents how feelings should be able to unfold in the best way possible.

Written by Sherryl Citera




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