Show You /// Timmy the Boy

Timmy the Boy is a funk, indie, alternative artist who flexes an impressive range in sound while also solidifying his own voice. His third single “Show You” is an upbeat funky anthem that is primed for warm seasons serving both as a pop single tune for venues but also a great cruising number for mobile transport.

“Show You” begins with a funky phased guitar riff that is then joined by an uptempo beat accompanied by synth chords, creating a clean bed for Timmy’s voice to fully shine in the sound spectrum. The verse carries a catchy melodic vocal performance that then transitions to a more rhythmic sung rapped bridge. The instrumental still maintains its retro pop feel that drives the song’s timbre and pulse.

The hook is layered with a nice touch of pop sensibilities without being over the top. The auto-tune is also tastefully placed allowing Timmy’s natural vocal skills to still shine. The drums throughout the song are also composed thoughtfully with percussion coming in and out. The rhythm section in the lower frequencies really drives the groove, where if you just listened to the instrumental, you’d still get into a dancing motion.

The song also doesn’t overstay or ever feel repetitive, maintaining a lean time stamp of just a little over three minutes, inspiring a repeated play. It should also be noted that there are no filler sections with each part of the song holding enough memorable qualities to not be forgetful.

With great production, performances, and strong cognizance to pop structural music, Timmy the Boy is primed for a continuous catalog of music that can reach mass appeal.

Written by Jon Kagan





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