Friday Night /// Snakedoctors

Snakedoctors is a band consisting of four friends from Gdansk, Poland. “Friday Night” is their newest single that blends retro-synth, a little dark wave, and some grunge. The track covers the potential of a weekend after a hard work week. The result is a playful tune that carries nostalgia while looking ahead at a future full of good times. 

The song begins with a transient percussion loop that is then joined by an 80s snare and a grunge/spoken vocal delivery.  A synthesized melody joins the instrumental after the introduction, adding to the retro timbre of the track. A saw synth is also brought into the hook, continuing to build on the coloring of the retro electronic fusion. Staying within the formula of this style of music, the band does a good job with its repetitive nature, but it’s the delivery of all the ideas that makes the song sound authentic next to its genre predecessors.

Lyrically, the song is very simple, honing on wanting to be with someone you enjoy and have fun. The song achieves not taking itself too seriously, allowing it to keep its essence light and jovial. It’s the production and mixing that allows the tune to really excel by filling out the sound spectrum successfully across the frequencies. The effects on the vocals and drums are also really well done to accentuate the spirit of this style of music.

“Friday Night” is part of their upcoming double album titled, “Four and a Half” that’s due to be out on May 27th. For fans of grunge, retro-synth genres from the 80s, you will want to check out the upcoming album by Snakedoctors.

Written by Jon Kagan





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