Im okay /// Clyde Syde

It’s easy to push feelings and emotions to the side in this modern day and age. Engulfed by responsibilities and the everyday tasks that life entails, we often feel swarmed and as though we’re carrying a heavy weight. We tell ourselves that we’re fine, that we’re okay, and that we must continue on. Though, inside our heart of hearts, we know that things just aren’t the best. This message is captured through Clyde Syde’s track, “Im okay.”

Leicestershire-based artist Clyde Syde takes their main inspiration points from the pop punk era of music. As a modern artist, naturally Clyde Syde’s music infuses everything we love about modern tracks, producing a recipe for perfection. Having played their music at notable events such as the NEC Birmingham UK and across the national/BCC radio, it’s no surprise that we’re enchanted by Clyde Syde’s track “Im okay.”

The track showcases a pure alternative aura mixed with the a pop vibe. From Clyde Syde’s impeccable vocals to the production of the overall track, we’re in love with the building foundation of the piece. Speaking to a deep topic of depression and sorrow that we feel throughout the course of this life, Clyde Syde creates a safe space for us to feel all freely.

Seemingly inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Clyde Syde’s track showcases a relatability like no other. The track sounds as if Lil Peep, Juice wrld and Post Malone came together to create an alternative track.

Clyde Syde mentions how they often find themselves putting on a fake smile, something that an abundance of people can sadly resonate with. It can be excruciating to continue to put up a front, but often we feel this societal pressure to act as if everything is okay, to say “Im fine.” Clyde Syde sings out, “at times I cry alone, friends around me but I’m all alone…”

Written by McKinley Franklin







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