It’s Coming Back /// Snailmate

It’s easy to reminisce on past events and experiences that we’ve gone through in life. While looking back on these times, we often remember the highlights, forgetting the negative parts of this time period. We’re all guilty of romanticizing the past, of chasing a reality that just simply doesn’t exist anymore. This theme is displayed evidently through Snailmate’s track “It’s Coming Back.”

The musical duo known as Snailmate hails to us from Arizona. Together, the bandmates come together to create music that encompasses a natural unique edge, while being utterly relatable to all of those who listen along. Creating music that blends a range of genres while incorporating the use of deep, meaningful lyrics, Snailmate is unlike any other group of artists we’ve yet seen.

Their track “It’s Coming Back” touches on the topic of reliving the past. In doing so, we often create unnecessary anxiety and fear that our future would never be able to live up to the past. The mind can be a daunting place, and Snailmate shows that through their track.

Incorporating so many different musical genres, we feel tech/electronic vibes infused with strong rock influences when listening to “It’s Coming Back.” Encouraging us to let loose and feel our emotions, no matter how good or bad they may be, the track validates the anxieties that we often come across. When recalling the past, Snailmate sings out, “I’m afraid that I might never heal.”

Snailmate offers a rare point-of-view to the modern music scene, and we’re sure you’ll love everything they have to offer.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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