Sorry, But I… /// Colds

Colds is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands who blends indie, pop, and 80s vibes to create his own sound that is produced entirely in his home studio. “Sorry, but I…” is the third single off of his upcoming EP, due in June, which is a strong representation of his creative vision and musical sensibilities.

The song right away introduces the 80s synths with lush chords as a four on the floor kick drum drives the groove. Colds has a unique vocal sound that feels a bit like the performance quality of Daft Punk’s vocal catalog in the ways that the indie-pop and digital influences combine. The auto-tune is slightly present but not where it turns you off. Instrumentally, as the song progresses, a clap then enters the pre-chorus along with vocal synths that build into a very strong and catchy hook.

Colds’ songwriting abilities truly shine in the powerful chorus that boasts a nice low end bass that rides underneath a full drum beat. The drum programming embodies the signature 80s gated snare along with terrific sounding synthesizers panned out in the mix. The bridge also does a great job with a nice reverse effect and fill that transitions you nicely into the final hook. Colds also displays a strong ear for how modern pop hooks are written vocally with both his melodic and lyrical arrangement.

The outro is a fun ride in nostalgic sound beds and modern pop writing, making the two worlds work in concert to create a solid single. Another unsung hero to the song is the nice funk effected guitar that adds so much personality to the overall timbre of the tune.

“Sorry, but I…” is a great third single from the promising artist that is able to manage both melancholy and fun times in one song. If you’re a fan of the genres listed above, you should definitely check out Colds. We look forward to his upcoming EP.

Written by Jon Kagan





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