Grandaddy /// Fragile Creatures

“Grandaddy” is the new single by indie rock group Fragile Creatures. The song is about the consequences of conflict, specifically war, and how we need to have hope during these difficult times. The group is made up of five members, and they were formed in Brighton in 2012. 

Adam Kidd is the lead singer and guitarist, as well as the main songwriter. Aaron Neville plays keyboards and has backup vocals. Tom Alty plays lead guitar. Adam Whittles is on bass guitar, and James Crump finishes up their lineup on drums and percussion. The song has punk and blues influences, but is a fairly straightforward rock song from a composition and structure standpoint. 

The song is upbeat and has hard hitting guitar parts, but the lyrics are very serious and deal with real problems in the world. “My parade will be lovely on my last day/Flew me home: First Class/Used my coffin to wave the flag/I know, it looks bad/We give the benefit of doubt/‘Cos it’s all we have” Kidd sings. 

The chorus of the song offers hope, and confidence going into the future. “Its all because you gave up on the truth/I turned my back away/We’re never gonna give up on you/We’re never gonna give up on you” he sings. The antiwar message of the song is fairly clear through the lyrics, but it does take some interpretation to understand the full message. 

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