Ample Room For Grooving /// Mo Douglas

“Ample Room For Grooving” is the new single by indie artist Mo Douglas, who is based out of Portland, Oregon. He has recorded multiple albums to date, and features interesting instrumentations and sounds. His music touches on multiple genres, including funk, soul, rock and jazz. 

A vocal part and clapping are the first thing you hear on the track. The drum and guitars come in soon after, to create a lighthearted jam like sound. The vocals return to add more melody and layers to the track. There are no words or lyrics, just the music. Near the end of the song one of the guitar parts takes center stage for a solo. The song clocks in at 3:02 minutes, which is a decent length, not short but also not that long either. 

According to the press release provided with the song, the vocal part was done by an additional artist. “Mariya May’s wordless guest vocals enamor, exuding a weightless and ethereal quality amidst boisterous guitars, dashes of flute, and frolicking keys” it said. All instruments were performed by Mo Douglas, except the flute, which was also done by May. 

The press release also said this about the track, “’Ample Room For Grooving’ touts an apt namesake, maintaining a hypnotic rhythmic pull that accommodates the expansion of lush vocal touches and amiably melodic instrumentation.”

Mo Douglas last released a full length album in 2021, titled “Fry The Onion Gently.” Mo Douglas has also released eight full length albums since 2016, which is extremely impressive. 

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