Curious /// Jennifer Alvarado

“Curious” is the new single by country artist Jennifer Alvarado. She sings about interest in another person, while seeing that interest grow plus causing reflection about this person. This seems to be a forbidden love of sorts, which is not completely explained, but the emotion of this “curious” love still connects to the listener. 

This song features electric and acoustic guitars, and has a relaxing sound overall. The lyrics and Alvarado’s vocals ignite the love into the song. The chord progression sounds familiar to country fans, but still has an original twist on the sound. 

All of the words of the song seem to be directed at this forbidden love interest, yet she could also be talking to herself about this person. “I can see you looking at me from across the room/with every single glance, I get a little more confused. You shouldn’t want me, I shouldn’t want you/All of our reasons, we follow the rules. But all I keep dreaming about is me with you” she sings. It seems that she can’t think about anything else, this person is consuming all of her thoughts. 

Jennifer Alvarado is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. “Curious” won the Winter 2022 Indie Songwriting Award for best pop song. She has over 15 songs on her Spotify profile, including an eight song EP. The outro of the song features two vocal parts that are arranged around each other, which is commonly called a “round” in music.

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