Plastic House /// North Ship

After being left in a trance by their previous single, “Green Light,” Danish rock band North Ship have returned with another underwater psychedelic vibe on their latest single, “Plastic House.” Thanks in part to a slightly quicker pace, there’s a higher level of consciousness attached. Instead of drifting off into a psych-ish slumber, “Plastic House” leaves you moderately alert, but still vibrating on a separate wavelength from the norm.

Instead of a simple, repetitive mantra that was once employed before, “Plastic House” is more along the lines of a thought experiment. You are called upon to visualize this “plastic house.” It’s described as a “safe house,” but it’s also “not an ordinary house.” Plastic is durable, but it’s also synthetic, leading you to believe that this is an artificial shelter. From there, your mind begins to spin out about structural integrity and whether this safe space will fold like a house of cards.

Melodically, singer-guitarist Tom Golzen and drummer Francis Nørgaard have crafted an immersive sound that submerges you in fathomless drums and enchanting guitar riffs. While “Plastic House” does not sink you to the bottom depths of your waking mind like “Green Light” did, it does achieve the desired disconnect from reality. It’s the goal of any psych-based melody to untether you from what grounds you to this earthly plain. “Plastic House” accomplishes that with mere melodic subtlety.

For the novice, “Plastic House” would be a perfect addition to one’s psychedelic starter kit. At its core, it gives off a mind tweaking presence without snapping one’s fragile psyche. North Ship knows how to produce a psychedelic haze without any of the freak outs. 

Written by Travis Boyer




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