When It Wasn’t /// Wild Fire

American-based sister duo, Wild Fire, released their latest track, “When It Wasn’t,” on 20 May 2022. This track was able to follow a release that was made available for all to hear back in March titled “Like Home,” which featured a harmony-heavy country duo from California according to their About section on Spotify called Honey County.

“When It Wasn’t” starts off rather chill, the duo providing a smooth vocal tone right at the beginning of the thirteen-second mark as a rich accompaniment paves the way for what is coming soon after. As soon as the track starts to unfold, listeners are able to hear a tune that can make one start to get into the groove as soon as that fifty-second mark hits. 

It has been shared by the duo that this track is all about the illusion of falling in love and that when sometimes one thinks they’re in love, they realize that the connection that they have felt was never really genuine to begin with.

Wild Fire is definitely a duo that you might want to blast on the radio in terms of wanting to hear a track that provides feelings that can be shared in a form of a track and not just words that could possibly be written down on paper. “When It Wasn’t” seems as if a promise has been reached as far as trying to find the perfect words to say as well as having one person finding it in their hearts to be open and honest about their feelings.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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