Some Time Ago /// Connor Desai

Photo Courtesy of Connor Desai/Chris White

American-based singer-songwriter, Connor Desai, released her latest track, “Some Time Ago,” on 10 May 2022. This track followed her EP, “Sister,” which was made available to the public for all to hear back in February of 2017.

“Some Time Ago” started off smooth, Connor providing a warm and rich vocal tone that began right at the seven-second mark that is like music to one’s ears as hints of guitar are paving the way for what is bound to come along as the track progresses. As soon as the track begins, listeners are able to hear a tune that is rather calm and soothing, making this beautifully-written piece have a laid-back vibe to it without any hesitation.

Speaking of the track itself, it has been said that this piece manages the ultimate feat that requires great courage and strength, which is to draw grace and beauty from a heart that has been broken and shattered into what seems to be a million pieces.

Connor Desai is definitely an artist that you might want to turn your attention to in terms of searching for an artist that not only has talent but is able to provide a story that has a thousand words that are in a form of a track that has yet to be shared with the world. “Some Time Ago” seems as if some sort of promise has been handed down in hopes of finding peace and comfort within a broken heart that deserves to be treated with care.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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