Not Easy /// Akso Heart

“Not Easy” is the new single by indie R&B artist Akso Heart. He sings about various topics such as anxiety and self-doubt. These mental health concerns are the focus of this track, and how they create a situation that is “not easy,” like the title. 

Akso Heart is based out of Japan, and the music scene there is where a lot of his artistic inspiration comes from. He formerly worked in the science field for over a decade, with his PhD in Chemistry. He decided to work on music in 2021, to explore his passion as a vocalist. “My anxiety is irrelevant, the pain is heaven sent, I wonder how my life’s been led, and if this is short-term” he sings. 

The instruments feature piano, keyboards, and a drum pattern. There is also an electric bass part that comes in after the first chorus. “It’s not easy seeing all your dreams ahead, it’s not easy doing something else instead, it’s not easy when you notice all those glares, it’s not easy when you think that no one cares” he sings during the chorus. He states that the anxiety is “irrelevant,” but the whole song shows how relevant anxiety can be for someone suffering from stress and mental health conditions. The brain plays tricks on itself, which can lead to doubting yourself or over worrying about something. 

Akso Heart has released four songs so far on Spotify, and he has over 1,500 monthly listeners.

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