What You Left There /// Prints of Monaco

“What You Left There” is the new song by indie folk rock artist Prints of Monaco. The song features acoustic guitars, and a slide guitar. The group is led by Oliver Monaco, who sings and is the main songwriter. 

This track has beautiful melodies performed by the vocals and guitars, with the lyrics touching on a forgotten memory from childhood. “But can you get back to your childhood room, which you know you grew, but you know there’s something kept there” he sings. The metaphor of leaving something physically behind, when it seems the song is talking about emotional baggage or feelings. “Untangling in the dark the knots that you left there” he sings, hitting the high notes on the track. 

The song is soft, yet the vocals and lyrics keep the listener engaged. “Send it even though you couldn’t stay, just a note that you’re okay, and despite everything that passed know that we hope, you can call this house a home” he sings. The singer is trying to comfort the character from the song, to help them move on, but also be comfortable with the past, although it may be painful. 

Prints of Monaco has released five songs so far on Spotify. “What You Left There” shines because of the perfectly crafted vocal harmonies and guitar accompaniment. The song is calm and peaceful, while also adding tension via the lyrics. The song is relatable for listeners because they can empathize with these feelings about the past that the song offers. 

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