Cicada Days /// Will Wood

Adapt or die. For some musicians, it may be the mantra for staying relevant. For others, it could be a way of exchanging a well worn, creative outfit for a new fit. In the case of Will Wood, the artist has chosen to further adapt a new creative persona with his latest single, “Cicada Days.”

Amidst Wood’s continued evolution, this track emerges with yet another dynamic shift in the artist’s repertoire. Proving that the alt-folk shift previously heard in “Tomcat Disposables” was no fluke, Wood dives back into a soft, piano-driven folk pop sound that transitions to a virtuoso level of piano rock. Ever changing and ever growing as an artist, Wood is on a journey of establishing a new, unique musical identity. 

At first, Wood leads you in with an unassuming, folk pop melody. This is only a small part of what is a progressive melodic approach. From time to time, a swooning, piano tune plants you in an easy listening comfort zone. However, all roads lead to a demonstrative crescendo that bludgeons you with unbridled ferocity. A fervor of fiery guitar riffs are amplified to the forefront, leaving a breathless finale in its wake.

“Cicada Days” is a metaphor for how cruelly short a cycle of happiness may last. In the case of this song, it is the “inhumane” end of a relationship’s life cycle. From start to finish, Wood’s vocals transition from calm to lofty falsetto to, finally, guttural rage. All of which encapsulate the wide emotional spectrum when the realization of the end has dawned upon you.

For an artist who made their mark with avant garde experimentation, Will Wood has found a new formula with “Cicada Days.” Instead of pushing the envelope, he goes back to basics with his own patented flair for ratcheting up a wild tempo swing for good measure. “Cicada Days” is another example of how Wood is distancing himself from everyone’s expectations and substituting it with his own stake in his creative future.

Written by Travis Boyer





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