All We Have Is Now /// Vassilis

You may want to dismiss the notion of living in the moment as a new age, go with the flow mantra devoid of substance. However, if the last two-plus years have shown us anything, we’re only assured of what’s immediately in front of us and even less so of the future. Manchester U.K.-based singer-songwriter Vassilis embodies this realist philosophy with his latest single, “All We Have Is Now.” Born out of lockdown, this easy, breezy keyboard driven track is a stark, pragmatic reminder that the passage of time waits for no one.

At the start, dulcet keyboard tones lull you into a sense of security. However, the longer you listen to these soft notes, the deeper you dive into a solemn, meditative state. This mindful melody achieves its desired effect by building and reinforcing a level plane. It is this matter of fact approach that helps you digest the dose of reality that Vassilis serves up.

One word comes up often in this song: love. To Vassilis, it is supposed to “find us” and “make things right again.” Or, better yet, it is a beacon that “helps us find a way in the dark.” Love is a concept that binds us all together in the hope of a brighter tomorrow. However, judging by his deadpan delivery, Vassilis is not a hopeless romantic here.

The mantra of “all we have is now” is offered up as a panacea for the chronic state of being human. “If you forgot what it’s like to be yourself” or “forgot what a good time is,” Vassilis’ remedy is to remind yourself that “all we have is now.” Quite simply, take a breath and stop being consumed by the pressures put upon you.

“All We Have Is Now” tries to vanquish the specters of yesterday and cut through the murky haze of tomorrow by remaining present in the here and now. By guiding the listener along with a pacifying piano, Vassilis establishes a tranquil mood that brings you back to your center. In a world short on guarantees, this song is a reminder that only the present is assured.

Written by Travis Boyer





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