Feeling Light /// Touch The Clouds

Sources of calm are few and far between in today’s world. When you are lucky enough to find that quiet space, you might find that whatever’s weighing you down has fallen off of your shoulders. Without that burden, your mind is, momentarily, free. Detroit-based alternative rock band Touch The Clouds take a meditative approach with their uplifting new single, “Feeling Light.”

Buoyed by its chorus refrain of “feeling light,” your mood is instantly boosted by rounds of soaring guitar and vocals, led by lead singer Joe Philips. Side note for Pokemon fans, Philips sings the theme song for the Pokemon: Black & White TV series and movie. At its core, “Feeling Light” is about taking a step back from the raging world around you and reserving a moment for yourself. For example, it opens with being “wide awake as I arise with the sun” as sort of a morning salutation to get your day started on the right note. Further on, it encourages you to “practice the things that make you unique” as a way to take back your individuality from a world that often discourages non-conformity.

Beyond simple meditative practices, “Feeling Light” also delves into metaphysical sensations. Specifically, “high frequencies oscillating beyond what we see” that are “bright.” This is a deep state of consciousness that blurs the lines between sight and sound into a new sensory form that we cannot comprehend. After beginning to grasp something beyond ourselves, the meditative journey ends with a sudden shift to deep, dark melodic void populated by a soft, pulsating bass tone. It’s an end of the line that leaves you adrift, but with the reassurance that you found a happy place before and you may find your way back there again.

Written by Travis Boyer





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