Into The Sun /// Jack Swing

In many ways, music can be timeless. Whether that is a particular lyrical theme or a genre specific sound, there are elements that carry on throughout time. Pittsburgh-based indie rock band Jack Swing have tapped straight into the psychedelic funk of the 1970s with their latest single, “Into The Sun.” Transplanted from straight out of the bygone funkadelic era, this tune dusts off a few of the musical tropes that made this a far-out genre.

Throughout this track, you are greeted with gritty waves of guitar that form the base of this groovy melody. All along, you will feel the heat of wa-wa riffs in concert with the rapid, clickety clack of drums. For further funky flair, a trippy keyboard effect emerges to cap off this groovy sound. Altogether, you might happily mistake this track as a hidden gem of the 1970s that got lost in a disc jockey’s closet at an abandoned AM radio station.  

Lyrically, there’s a tough, gritty undertone to “Into The Sun.” From the get go, we find someone who’s “under the gun” that finds that it’s “getting harder to sleep.” Aside from insomniatic pressure, peace comes from a simple thought: “idolize the ocean.” It’s not talking about listening to a wave machine to lull you to sleep. It’s about the freedom to set sail in whichever direction that yourself or the tides decide to take. It’s classic escapism in the face of mounting anxiety.

“Into The Sun” picks up the torch of psychedelic funk and runs with it. While it doesn’t fly off the handle with any wild melodic swings, Jack Swing keeps the core essence of the sound alive. Instead of streaming through a sterile, digital medium, “Into The Sun” would sound right at home over the terrestrial airwaves of the archaic, transistor radio.

Written by Travis Boyer





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