Biorobot /// Joey Grace

Joey Grace is a music producer, singer, and live performer based in Long Beach, California. Her new release “Biorobot” is a conceptual track that explores the impact that the 1986 Chernobyl leak had on the local population. It is also mentioned by the artist, that she has an NFT called “Biorobot” which can be viewed here:

“Biorobot” begins with a cinematic introduction of synth pads and vocals alongside synth keys that paint an ambiance before distorted and modulated synthesizers juxtapose the lush opening with an industrial sound. A build of vocal chops play in unison before a main synthesized riff brightens the mix on the top end. Right away it is noted that the composition is comfortable with not following traditional song structures. The glitchy nature of the sections plays well with the contrast of the emotive lushness and aggressive techno plucks and leads that perform throughout the record.

For a conceptual tune that has no lyrics, it is easy for the song to take on any meaning the listener chooses, but knowing the inspiration behind it, you can hear the thought process behind the timbre Joey Grace has created. There are traces of Skrillex in some of the distortion and then a touch of house influences in the chorus synth lead. The songwriting also does a good job transitioning smoothly from intricate synth design to the ambient parts of the tune. Grace also wisely keeps the drums from getting too busy, allowing upbeat hi-hats and  aggressive snare to be most prominent within the drum programming. She also allows other parts of the instrumental to exist with no drums, which ultimately lets the detailed production to breathe. 

“Biorobot” shows Grace’s capabilities as a producer to make thoughtful electronic music that is fun and upbeat, but more than just a number to get your body moving. For fans of experimental and industrial electronic music that maintains some pop sensibilities, this one’s for you. 

Written by Jon Kagan





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