Good Luck Baby /// Brother Swan

When you feel yourself at risk of drowning in the depths of your despair, it helps if there’s someone there to throw you a line. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have someone willing to save them from sinking into the abyss. Los Angeles-based indie rock trio Brother Swan’s debut single, “Good Luck Baby,” is a shoegaze inspired jam about being shut out when you’re at your lowest point.

In advance of their full length debut, “Loom,” this contemplative, lead-in track is a dreamy bout of shoegaze haze. “Good Luck Baby” is shoegaze lite because of how much more intelligible the vocals are compared to the genre’s standard of hiding behind the melody. Still, there is a healthy dose of blending instrumentation and vocals into one cohesive unit. At its core, it is a shimmering, distorted melody that sets up as a filter to keep the listener at arm’s length. You’re close enough to perceive it, but not fully grasp where it’s coming from.

Thankfully, enough gets through this barrier to get the message. “Can you save me from myself?” is the recurrent question that calls out for help from the static. Instead of being saved, there’s repeated push back whenever those in need “come calling.” There’s no “good savior” and not a “preacher” to be found that is willing to “save ya.” Any hope for salvation from yourself will have to come from within.

With “Good Luck Baby,” Brother Swan makes a jangly, shoegaze tinged, pop rock introduction that leaves you wanting more. One moment, you are invigorated by the cheery, toe tapping melodies. Next, you are inquisitive about the obscured vocals. Altogether, “Good Luck Baby,” is a delightful enigma that you will enjoy trying to solve. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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