Land Before Us /// Ali Neil

Ali Neil’s new EP, “Land Before Us,” is a thoughtful, beautifully written piece of art. The fact that this is Neil’s debut EP highlights the undeniable talent that will take him far in the music industry. With already a taste of success with Neil’s last singles being featured on Music Week and being played on BBC and Los Angeles’ KCRW, “Land Before Us” will only succeed further. Comprised of five lyrically mature, easy listening songs, “Land Before Us” is a perfect company for anyone wanting a relaxing experience.

British musician Ali Neil wrote “Land Before Us” when leaving London to go to the East Sussex coast. Although being uprooted is an anxiety-ridden time, “Land Before Us” gives a serene feeling to what could be a stressful experience. Each song features Neil’s raspy, unique voice, accompanied by catchy melodies consisting of guitar and drums.

The first track, “A Place Called Winter,” has a melancholy feeling with a simple melody, letting Neil’s voice take a front seat, showcasing his flawless vocals. “A New York” has a bit of a faster pace, with the silky-smooth instrumental and background vocals giving the song an almost romantic atmosphere. The tracks “Edge of Reason” and “Heart of Man” are beautiful ballads showcasing hypnotizing background vocals. “Damn Life” is an upbeat song, almost reminiscent of old-school rockers like Tom Petty. Each piece is unique in the experience it gives the listener, but together, all five songs work flawlessly.

“Land Before Us” was recorded and co-produced by Olly Betts. It is now available on all music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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