Oxygen Type /// The Lunar Keys

Night owls are a different breed from the rest of us. They shun restorative shut eye in exchange for more nocturnal bliss. Nighttime is the lifeblood of their existence. Indie rock band The Lunar Keys dials up a nightlife anthem with their latest single, “Oxygen Type.” Looking to draw in one intoxicating breath after another, this track lives for the late night scene. 

When we last heard from The Lunar Keys, the music video for their previous single, “Stop This” featured all manner of ghouls and goblins as manifestations of terror. However, “Oxygen Type” spins macabre references such as “creatures of the night” and “vampires” to play up a metaphor for whether to stay in or go out for the night. Essentially, we can either sit here like “vampires burning in the light” and waste away or we can “breathe the oxygen” of what the night life has to offer. 

In turn, “Oxygen Type” capitalizes on breathless indecision by ratcheting up from a dark, edgy melody straight into an exasperating, pulmonary exercise. At first, your breath is shallow and reserved, but you end up testing the resiliency of your lungs by the second through fourth hits of the chorus. Other than making you second guess your own cardio fitness, each medley of “breathe in, breathe out” is served up in escalating, frenetic hysteria that is led by a marching drum beat. 

Instead of instilling a benign sense of fear of missing out, “Oxygen Type” takes the direct approach of jolting you alive with a 1000 watts of hectic rock energy. There’s no time like the present and The Lunar Keys embrace that to a tee with this lively, party rock anthem.

Written by Travis Boyer





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