Energy /// Jay Willow

Take a listen to Jay Willow’s sultry, silky-smooth debut single, “Energy.” Comprised of Willow’s mesmerizing vocals accompanied by a sensual instrumental, “Energy” is a dreamy piece of art that is guaranteed to make your loved one want to slow dance. Fans of R&B, bedroom, and lofi pop won’t get enough of this smooth like butter track.

“Energy” is the ultimate vibe-out song. Upon the first ten seconds, the calming instrumental and Willow’s sexual yet romantic lyrics bring the listener on a hazy journey. Using bedroom pop and indie R&B elements, Willow brings his unique sound to the forefront with “Energy.” Lyrics such as “I belong inside your energy” and “I turn your body into waves” showcase Willow’s clever way of connecting romantic energy to the moon’s pull on the ocean; not to mention, “Energy” was released on the June 14th Strawberry full moon. 

Jay Willow is an artist on the rise from Vancouver, Canada. The fact that “Energy” is Willow’s debut single is remarkable, highlighting the artist’s undeniable talent. At just the beginning of his journey, Willow’s music already has a distinct sound that differs from other bedroom pop/R&B songs. Willow’s deep, ethereal vocals and genuinely relaxing instrumental have not been heard in 2022. 

Do yourself a favor, listen to “Energy,” and get connected with Jay Willow. “Energy” is just the beginning of many more beautiful, vibey tracks.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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