Season of the Knife /// Ben Dalby

Guaranteed, you have not heard a musician quite like Ben Dalby. The Southampton musician has been around for two decades, and the music he creates is like nothing heard today. His latest single, “Season of the Knife,” is a genre-fusing track with elements of alternative rock, indie pop, and rock pop. The song is a melancholic homage to the world we live in today, with all the anger and sadness that comes with the disheartening reality of it. 

“Season of the Knife” truly encapsulates the dim truth of the world, from the foreboding instrumental all the way to Dalby’s clever lyrics. Beginning with a slow yet captivating beat, Dalby’s unique voice comes in, singing daunting lyrics about what is happening; “The liars are lying” and “The ice is melting” are just some of the lyrics that highlight what our world is coming to, and how many are not trying to stop it. 

Although the song’s message is a bit unnerving, Dalby makes “Season of the Knife” an energy-packed track that will get anyone to listen. The juxtaposition of the lyrics with the upbeat instrumental that arrives in the chorus sums up how we, as a society in a way, are pretending the world isn’t coming to its eventual doomsday. 

“Season of the Knife” was produced by Leighton Allen of The Hoosiers and was recorded as a band. Fans of the 70s and 80’s synth and rock pop will love the nostalgic feel of the song, yet the new generation will love the fresh take on the genre.

Take a listen to Ben Dalby and all the music he has to offer, as he is a truly unique musician in 2022.

Cover art: London tattoo artist kolahari. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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