P U L L U P /// TerRarri

Ready for the ultimate party/kickback song of Summer 2022? TerRarri’s latest single, “P U L L U P” is just that. Comprised of an ultra-addicting melody, hard-hitting beat, and TerRarri’sclever lyrics, “P U L L U P” is the perfect way to tell someone to pull up to the party. Not to mention that TerRarri’s 14-year-old brother Carnell features on this track, which gives “P U L L U P” an extra fun element that really gets the party going. 


Jacksonville, Florida native TerRarri has been making music for years now, getting solid recognition with his first single, “Sweet Like Dominique.” The track appeared on Power 106.1 for two weeks, and TerRarri also won Duval’s Finest XXL for Power 106.1 just last month. With the success of “Sweet Like Dominique,” as well as his other singles, “W.Y.W.K” and “Celebrity Crush,” “P U L L U P” is guaranteed to garner the same level of success. 

Everything about “P U L L U P” is electrifying; the intoxicating beat and overall uplifting energy give “P U L L U P” a reason for everyone at the party to get up and dance. TerRarri’s impeccable flow and undeniable energy make the track catchy upon the first lesson, giving the listener a need for more. It really is a track that is made to make people smile, and it does just that.

“P U L L U P” is available on all music streaming platforms today, June 15th. Take a listen now, and get acquainted with TerRarri (and his little brother), as they are only getting started. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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