Slow Down /// Indigo Daydream

You wouldn’t know it, but the Earth is currently spinning at around 1000 miles per hour. All the while, you’re firmly planted on a rock that’s silently hurtling around in an elliptical loop around the Sun. But, what if you were able to tune in to the universal harmonic resonance that rings out from this blue marble? The ever inquisitive Nick Cheshire of alternative rock project Indigo Daydream zips into the stratosphere to find our planet’s heartbeat on his latest single, “Slow Down.” 

While earthbound, our collective static interferes with our ability to comprehend the world around us. As a result, we have to rise above it all to get a clear signal. After blasting off to new heights, Cheshire leaves you suspended above the Earth while a dreamy guitar echoes around the capsule. While you are captivated by the majesty of space flight, he implores you to “slow down.” It’s a notion meant to push you into the moment and not spectate around it.

Taking a moment to bring it back home, Cheshire’s observation that “the Earth is moving” prompts the proverbial question of “can you hear the sound?” Back on Earth, you might “lay your head against the ground” in hopes that your mortal ears can pick up the frequency. Fact is, you can’t hear it all. It’s a clever thought experiment meant to open your mind up to envision the Earth as a living, breathing entity and not a chunk of rock we happen to cohabitate on.

Descending back down to Earth, “Slow Down” closes with the sonic wake of a rocket and a faint lub dub in the background. Whether this beat is the pulse of a returning astronaut or a cosmic vibration, Cheshire’s imaginative melodies lead you to your own conclusion. When listening to Indigo Daydream, it’s always choose your own adventure rather than paint by numbers.

Written by Travis Boyer





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