Summertime /// BREGN

BREGN is a Danish multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer who is creating guitar-lead rhythms to drive an evolving folk sound that is motivated by connection. His new single “Summertime” is dedicated to people experiencing sadness during the warm, sunny season. The yearning for love despite the state you’re in is what inspires the tune. 

The song begins with a reverberated acoustic guitar that washes through the mix as reverse guitar effects and a spreaded vocal lead creates a dreamy, hypnotic soundbed. The anthem for sad people is felt with the mellowness, but there’s also something comforting in the tone of the record. You can find solace lyrically with good feeling summer folks, but even if you weren’t listening to the lyrics, the instrumental itself has a therapeutic quality to it.

The hook breaks from the slightly dark tint of the song into an optimistic, pop driven melody that is catchy and fun. It feels like you are floating in the sky as Lisa sings about flying into someone’s arms. There’s a nice ascension melodically with all the instruments in the end of the hooks that works well within the context of the lyrics of the song that create the visuals of flying into someone’s arms.

The hook adds a little drive with a bass underneath and a rhythmic quality performed in the instrumentation of the tune. Overall, he doesn’t stray from a consistent dynamic range that keeps you in its musical realm of dreamy guitar-driven songwriting. The production is really well done with everything sounding crisp and no frequency masking occurring. Stylistically, BREGN’s sound is reminiscent of some of the work from Bibio. That is certainly a compliment. Compositionally, BREGN makes sure that “Summertime” doesn’t last too long with just an over three minute running time. This serves the song well, lending to a desired replay.

There is no denying BREGN’S talent as a vocalist, producer, and musician. “Summertime” is an impressive tune by the Danish artist and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Written by Jon Kagan





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