Feels Like Summer /// David Nolf ft. Bradley Denniston

American singer/songwriter, David Nolf, released his latest track under Radium Records with Bradley Denniston titled “Feels Like Summer” on 17 June 2022. This track would follow the remix of David’s 2021 track, “Heartless.”

“Feels Like Summer” starts off with a rock-type feel, David and Bradley providing a strong and rich vocal tone that starts right at the four-second mark that could give off summer-like vibes straight away. The sounds of drums and other instruments are able to pave the way as it reels the audience in for what could be a great, if not a wonderful, start to their summer or prepare for what might come as the season approaches as the track is able to progress. As soon as the track is able to start, the audience is able to hear a tune that is catchy to the point where they are able to dance without a care in the world. 

Speaking of “Feels Like Summer,” it states how the track is able to bring the audience back to a time when things were simple and that having a crush was the only thing that mattered at that point.

David Nolf is definitely an artist that you can be able to focus on as well as Bradley Denniston when searching for a song that is not only full of nostalgia but the lyrics are able to be of help by providing a free trip down memory lane with a person that has been able to capture your attention in no time. “Feels Like Summer” seems as if a promise was made to be kept in terms of looking back on all of the wonderful memories that are destined to be embedded in our minds forever through its lyrics and words.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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