So Far /// Color Channel

Boston-based dance-rock band, Color Channel, was able to release their latest track titled “So Far” on 3 June 2022. This track was able to follow “Don’t Call It a Comeback,” a single that was released earlier this year in March.

“So Far” started off with a rather synth or dance-like instrumentation with a hint of grooviness that made the song rhythmic and rich with a soulful vocal tone that was able to provide lots of energy that makes this tune stand out as it progresses throughout. As the track continues to commence, listeners are able to hear a tune that is powerful, atmospheric, and stylish as the groove continues to kick in without any hesitation while the track continues to speak through its lyrics and beats. 

Speaking of “So Far,” Jared Connell, the frontman for Color Channel, states that “a good grooves got a way of pulling you back in harmony with the pulse of life.”

Color Channel is definitely a band that you should turn your attention to if you are searching for a group that is able to bring out the true definition of what finding a groove in a track truly means while finding a way to find a smooth and balanced beat to make the song truly find its way in the music world for all to listen. “So Far” was able to make a promise in trying to find the right groove for all to listen and dance to as well as trying to find a vibe that fits quite well with how dance-rock is supposed to be.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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