Yarden Blues /// John Allen and the Whisky Brothers

Going through life, we come in contact with differing challenges that alter the way we live our lives forever. Life was never promised to be easy, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we all endure rough times. Dealing with pain is natural, but choosing how to respond to it is extremely telling. John Allen and The Whisky Brothers explore this theme throughout their track, “Yarden Blues.”

The dynamic John Allen and The Whisky Brothers began their band in the spring of 2007 in Austin, Texas. Throughout the duration of their time as a group, they’ve released one album and two EP’s. After the past few years of abnormality in the world, they’ve began releasing music again with an all-new EP. Breaking into the scene again, their music holds a quintessential rock and roll flare while taking on a new attitude to approach life with.

“Yarden Blues” is a single from the band’s latest EP that, too, showcases this refreshed approach to tackling life. The track uses the comparison of trees that grow and stand tall, no matter how tough the going gets. No matter what a tree may weather, John Allen and The Whisky Brothers notice that they continue to stand tall, to persist on despite the odds being against them.

This optimistic, positive viewpoint on the journey that is life is extremely inspiring. Blending in classic rock vibes throughout, you can’t help but love the track. The old-school rock feel on “Yarden Blues” gives us a sense of nostalgia, blended with a whole lot of hope.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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