Joy Ride /// Wild Horse

East Sussex-based Indie band, Wild Horse, released their latest track titled “Joy Ride” a little over a week ago on 17 June 2022. This song would follow their previous single that was released in 2021 called “Pray ‘89.” 

As “Joy Ride” starts, an ‘80s funk vibe kicks in, making the track feel atmospheric and balanced with its amazing instrumentation as the vocals sounded melodic, powerful, and catchy within seconds as it gives off such a friendly vibe that gives the audience a reason to let loose and have a great time while dancing. As the track continues to progress, listeners are able to travel back to the ‘80s, giving them nostalgia or even finding a place to just think of the happier times that they have had.

As the sound of guitar makes this tune rather catchy and tuneful, brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin as well as a good friend of theirs from primary school, Ed Barnes, are sure to raise the roof with a track that is full of memorable and strong melodies for all to listen to.

If you’re a fan of talented bands and artists like English singer, songwriter, and actor, Harry Styles, and English-based Rock band, The Beatles, then Wild Horse is definitely a band that you should turn your attention to if you’re searching for a group that is able to bring their creativity forward when it comes to sharing their love and passion for a hobby that they love and adore. “Joy Ride” was able to make an outstanding promise in trying to find that perfect sound that is able to fit quite nicely.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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