White Noise /// Will Wood

Up until this point, Will Wood has been toiling away in search of a new identity. To date, he’s taken on the avatars of a folksy balladeer and a piano rock maestro. However, the character he’s chosen on this latest single is not an alter ego at all. On “White Noise,” Wood is the genuine article, laying bare grand artistry and authenticity without the constraint of a distinct persona. No longer contained in a box, he’s just Will.

“White Noise” is the culminating teaser before the big reveal of Wood’s forthcoming album, “In Case I Make It” on July 29. At first blush, you are not conditioned to frame this as a grand finale due to the disarming style of a ukulele. In fact, it is resoundingly ethereal because of how neatly composed the melody is. However, this is all a preamble to the groundswell that arises to abruptly overtake your sense of calm. Eventually, all roads lead to “White Noise” becoming a soaring, symphonic powerhouse. Evolving from a playful timbre to a stirring harmony, you are rewarded with an unexpectedly profound experience. 

Wood, the vocalist, ranges from pacifying troubadour to manic barker to, finally, an empathetic friend. All of which speak to his ability for harnessing the moment. The main theme of “White Noise” is about filtering through your own thoughts and finding the ability to tune out the internal frenzy. Wood’s frenetic delivery captures the bewildering state of mania as he blitzes you with increasingly frantic, open ended statements. In turn, with a reassuring, hushed tone, Wood addresses intrusive thoughts head on: “I know it’s hard, but they’re not who you are. They’re white noise.” By the end, we’re presented with a mental salve for what chafes the corners of the mind.

“White Noise” is a complete representation of Will Wood, the artist. He’s no longer compelled to wear the guises of the avant garde experimentalist or the alt-folk rebel as he’s done before. “White Noise” is the end result of a musician finding their footing as their true self. The enrapturing experience of “White Noise” is straight from the heart without the need of an artistic filter between us and the man himself. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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