Here Summer /// State Assembly

Typically, when someone says, “I wrote a song for you,” it’s usually a personal dedication to a certain someone. In that case, the writer has an established relationship with whom they are speaking to through song. However, London-based songwriter Steve Youll’s approach is more akin to a blind date, writing the lyrics in hopes of finding the perfect vocal match. Thus, the alt-rock project, State Assembly, was born. Pairing tranquil melodies and simmering vocals, “Here Summer” is the latest collaborative effort spearheaded by Youll and accompanied by his invited guest.

Featured on “Here Summer” is a mystery vocalist, whose balmy vocals are up to the task of setting the summer party scene. Ideally, summertime is the season for finding a respite that the other seasons can’t quite match. On this track, she expresses how fleeting those summer days can be via her pining lilt that wants more time to bask in sunny days. A transient season is begged upon to “wait” and “don’t fade away” before an autumnal incursion can bring a lively time to a close.

Instead of laying down a boppy, feel good summertime melody, Youll chose to employ an under the radar approach that conveys the brevity of summer. When you’re in the midst of the dog days, you often don’t realize that there’s only a month long seasonal peak before the inevitable slide. While you’re enjoying a subtle dose of tiptoeing drums and snappy guitar, a few, snarky bass lines leap forward. These biting notes are harsh reminders that the lazy days of summer are numbered.

In this edition of State Assembly, Youll found the ideal vocal partner to bring “Here Summer” to life. Her unfazed vocals help to raise this track above the seething melodies. Altogether, this combination unlocks what it is to be in the moment and to be aware of how temporary it is.

Written by Travis Boyer





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