Dancing Alone On A Friday Night /// Matthew Rossi

If a song could perfectly encapsulate what a modern night out is like, Matthew Rossi’s latest single, “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night,” is the one. The track delves deep into our modern society; All parties are the same, everyone’s on their phone, and the undeniable feeling of loneliness in 2022. All these deep-founded lyrics are accompanied by a catchy melody, which is the irony of it all. Comprised of Rossi’s raspy, compelling vocals, a genre-fusing hotpot including elements of synth wave, synth pop, and indie pop, “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” is the ultimate song to dance to (alone or not).

Up-and-coming Canadian indie pop artist Matthew Rossi began writing “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” after weeks upon end of partying. Once realizing parties do nothing for him, and he always ends up leaving these parties more alone than ever, he wrote the ultimate pop anthem for all those lonely people who want someone to dance with. “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” is the perfect combination of happiness and melancholy lyrics, which is a bittersweet feeling many go through today. In a way, many feel like we never reach peak full-fledged satisfaction unless it’s in partying, yet partying can get incredibly lonely. 

Check out “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night,” which releases today, July 15th, on all music streaming platforms. With passionate lyrics, an exhilarating beat, and an enthralling message, “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” is just the beginning of Matthew Rossi’s musical journey. This unique track is written by Matthew Rossi and produced by Nashville-based artist Justin Amundrud.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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