Unseen /// Venice lockjaw & StarAV

Australian artists Venice lockjaw & StarAV have crafted a new track “Unseen” that is both pretty and masterfully arranged. With great performances and production, the artists have released a solid singer-songwriter, rock record that you’re going to want to check out.

The track begins with a guitar riff panned on one side with another harmonic guitar panned on the other. Lead vocals are introduced as they sing alongside an accompanied string, subtly rising in the backdrop. Their use of strings throughout “Unseen” provides an extra emotive layer that feels fitting more so than forced. It should also be noted that in the introduction of the song, the overall timbre and vibe of “Unseen” feels very similar to Thom Yorke and Radiohead… which is awesome.

The song then shifts to its own unique sound as the drums enter with phased vocals being sung on top. Two vocalists sing back and forth until the hook when the strings return alongside a pretty falsetto vocal. From a production standpoint, the mix has a strong sense of the sound spectrum, really highlighting upper mid frequencies that are compressed to be very clean and tight. From the acoustic guitar to the orchestral elements of the composition, everything is mixed really well. 

Musically, there are a lot of pretty elements tucked in the background with orchestral elements that are neat finds to the ear. Compositionally, StarAV has done a great job keeping the tune lean, sitting at just 2:15.

We look forward to what’s next from the artists from Australia, but so far they’ve proven to have great songwriting sensibilities and immense talent with their single “Unseen.”

Written by Jon Kagan





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