Dancing On Tables /// Aimee Iris

“Dancing On Tables” is the new single by pop singer Aimee Iris. Her vocals and piano begin the track, with a light drum track joining in to add more layers to the track. Her singing and composition style is influenced by theatre music, giving the listener an upbeat feeling. 

Iris fills the room with hope and fun, singing words with a positive message and her delivery catchy. “Because we’ll dance on tables/we’ll sing too loud. And they’ll keep talking/but we’ll drown them out. ‘Cause come tomorrow/we only regret the chances we were too afraid to take. But we will today/live today, just live today,” she sings. This positive outlook to make the most of every moment is a good mentality to have, and she communicates it in a way that connects the listener to the song. The song has sections that go slower or faster, and these dynamic shifts are one of the highlights of the song compositionally. 

According to a press release provided with the song, Aimee Iris has a positive effect on others. “Often described as ‘the human equivalent of sunshine, with a contagious positivity: Aimee is a bubbly singer songwriter based in Brighton with pop and musical theatre influences. Her ambition is to bring happiness and joy to everyone through her music and princess-like personality,” the press release said.

Aimee Iris has released two singles on Spotify so far. Here is the description of “Dancing On Tables” from a press release. “’Dancing On Tables’ is an upbeat pop track inspired by tasteful latin beats and the intricate vocal arrangements of musical theatre. It promotes enjoying life with your head held high despite the opinions of others. This summer track is designed to bring a smile to peoples faces and encourage everyone to get up, dance and join the fun,” the press release said. 

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