Artist Interview: “Never Comin Down” by Clou9

Q: Your latest EP is about overcoming addiction. What is some advice you can give to someone going through the same thing?

CLOU9: Some advice I would give is to never ignore your gut and be conscious of the fact that you were not for everybody, but you will still shine to those people who didn’t believe in you if you were truly dedicated to your talent.

Q:  In your song, “Never Comin Down,” what do you mean when you say, “Coulda paid to get ahead instead of quit what I was doing”?

CLOU9: Could of invested smarter with the money I was making that could put my career and finances in a much more structural and probable success, but felt as tho I was just getting it and not spending responsibly.

Q: In your opinion, how has rap and hip-hop changed over the years and who have been their biggest influences?

CLOU9: Rap and Hiphop changed I believe back in the early 90s when it was heavily influenced by outside investors and I think the biggest figure heads through the early 90s and since running the show is the p diddys, Jay z, snoop dogg, and of course eminem making his stamp in a predominantly urban genre.

Q: When you’re ready to write, what does this process look like?

CLOU9: I write at all times when it comes to Me. I don’t even have to have a beat I can just be thinking of dope bars and jot it. So when I make a song in the studio the material is already there.

Q:  In your newest song, “Lonely” you rap about helping to the point of loneliness. What are ways you’ve set boundaries with overwhelming people?

CLOU9: I learned to set boundaries by just not engaging in any activity with the people I feel provide a more negative vibe to my life at times but will always communicate if under stress. Being a truthful blunt person will have people think you’re aggressive when really, you’re just giving them what they don’t wanna hear, (Truth).

Q: How do you feel your environment shapes the mind space you are in? What do you personally do to align yourself?

CLOU9: I always gotta remember to take breaks from days inside in the dark or dim lit studio and go get some natural vitamin d from the sun outside. To keep the energy flowing positive.

Interviewed by Molly Byrne





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