Ruination /// Tomorrow’s Child

Tomorrow’s Child is an experimental electronic producer from the UK that has created a beautiful sound design of texture, rhythms, melodies, and vibes with his immersive and visceral new record, “Ruination.” 

The song immediately transforms you into its headspace with chaotic, staccato drum rhythms that have swing and variance in the spirit of IDM tracks of decades ago. The music that sits over it is cinematic and ambient with beautiful pads stacking on different octaves of the frequency range. It’s emotional, busy, gritty, and polished. There is a nice blend of Aphex Twin and Burial as far the pallet of emotions and styles that are being bridged.

Since the vibe carries the tune, it’s easy at times for the repetitive nature to put you in a hypnotic space, but Tomorrow’s Child purposefully adds additions past the halfway point that accentuate the drums with extra hits as a deliberate new snare enters and louder synths enter the songs with choral like pads that introduce a new melody. The energy certainly grows here, but still maintains its relaxed composure. It is quite the display of a great balance of electronic looped music having its own soul and feeling live. This is especially felt when the high frequency synth is modulating and bending towards dissonance as it automates alongside the drums. It can’t be ignored that the drums are already complex in their polyrhythms and experimental nature.

For fans of heady and moody music that will allow you to escape, this song is for you. It’s a beautiful journey through Tomorrow’s Child instrumental storytelling and although it sits at just under seven minutes, I can’t help but want to play it again. We look forward to hearing what’s next from Redruth, United Kingdom.

Written by Jon Kagan





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