Drown /// Connor Terrones

Connor Terrones is an eclectic artist from Denver, Colorado writing some really awesome music. With “Drown” we enter his world of influences that reveal inspiration yet an original voice of his own.

The tune is fused with jazz, funk, soul, and pop that’s influenced by the sounds of artists such as Thundercat, Knower, and Hiatus Kaiyote. With layers of different synthesized elements and left field vocal performances, “Drown” is a refreshing and original piece of work that is worthy of your ears.

8-bit synths and a funk element right away make you think of Daft Punk, Groundislava, and Thundercat but Connor’s is also surprisingly reminiscent of Caribou. You can feel the range of influences by comparing the different sections of the songs as it almost feels like multiple songs in one, but it never loses its identity and Connor is able to keep a cohesion throughout the composition.

Connor Terrones wanted the overall timbre of the song to feel like panic and fear. Connor does a great job with dynamic range by also providing moments where the tune relaxes away its frenetic pace. The drums going into halftime and exchanging the arpeggiated synths into an electric guitar riff that speaks to unwinding the day, is a creative choice that suits the song really well. There are also very neat choices in the later hooks with vocoder effects on his voice.

For fans of music that is pushing boundaries, fearless in not committing to a formula, and is also challenging genre rules, “Drown” is an awesome tune that is both refreshing and nostalgic with its creative composition and talented performances. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the artist from Colorado.

Written by Jon Kagan





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