Give It To Me Straight /// All Poets & Heroes

In the social media age, it is easy to fall prey to whatever image someone puts forth. In reality, the lavish lifestyles of influencers are bought and sold to us in a 21st century form of subliminal advertising straight to your daily feed. In turn, people have their own brands they want to cultivate and uphold as separate entities from themselves. Syracuse, New York-based indie art rock duo All Poets & Heroes’ brand is sans such filters. Instead, their latest single, “Give It To Me Straight,” is a naturally vibrant, resounding dance rock jam about cutting right to the chase.

On “Give It To Me Straight,” there exists a deep, pulsating beat that courses through the melodic lifeblood of this track straight to you. While there are plucky acoustics that compete for your attention, it is this simple thump that beckons you with its vibrating bass. It is the primer for what is a sleek, boppy dance rock track. It breaks through all the stylish hooks that bandmates Rob McCall and Corey Jordan put forth as something that is as natural as a heartbeat.

After confronting the facades of others, lead singer McCall’s pointed chorus asks “can you give it to me straight?” Warnings of “don’t hesitate or you’ll just ignore it” speak to being captive to a vapid persona that offers little to no substance. Asking for something real from the superficial is like trying to draw blood from a stone. All told, it’s about getting authenticity before they retreat back to cosmetic comfort. 

On the surface, “Give It To Me Straight” is a straight up, dancey pop rock cut. Beneath that, it asks you to not only have fun, but to avoid the traps set by superficial filters. All Poets & Heroes’ message is a satisfying rebuke to the “For The ‘Gram” generation. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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